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Regular hand mopping just doesn’t reach the stubborn dirt that lies deep in the pores of your grout lines, and mopping can cause a build-up of soapy residue but our very high-pressure cleaning process gets to the bottom of the pores and extracts dirt and residue renewing the look of the room.

HCF Cleaning and Restoration is a tile and grout expert. Our experienced techs can restore your tile and grout on your ceramic and porcelain floors. To see how dirty your grout lines are just look up next to the baseboards and look at the color – then as you move toward the center of the floor, if there is a big difference in color, then your grout lines have some soil in them and it’s probably time to get it cleaned.

  • Every employee wears a photo ID badge.
  • Mobiles are custom wrapped for easy identification.
  • We are a fully insured nationally ranked brand.
  • We offer multiple services to maintain your home.
  • Our services are more affordable than you think.
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